DFROST upholds environmental responsibility: Sustainability certification

Sustainability certification

At DFROST, sustainability is not just a buzzword, it is a principle we live by. The sustainability label we recently received is not only an honour for us, but also an incentive to continue on this path. Recognising that our employees play a key role in achieving our sustainability goals, we are constantly striving to inspire and engage them. Through active participation, we are creating a culture of commitment and responsibility to build a more sustainable future together.

For us, sustainability is not just an option, but an integral part of the way we work. Our philosophy is to motivate our customers to take responsibility and take a stand. We believe that environmental and sustainable solutions can be achieved in retail marketing without compromising on design aesthetics. We offer brands the opportunity to run campaigns in a more resource-efficient way and aim to overcome financial prejudices with competitive prices.

In a world where consumers and industry are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to future generations, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of retail marketing. A recent survey by the European Commission clearly shows that people are ready to commit to a greener and more sustainable future and are willing to invest in change.

We are excited by the constant development of new materials and follow developments closely from start-up to mass production. Together with our partners, we are committed to continuous development and will not compromise on the appearance or price of the material.

The Brand Companions, we are personally committed to offering our customers ecologically sound alternatives. These are characterised by resource-efficient production, low environmental impact, long service life and environmentally friendly disposal. We are delighted that our customers‘ understanding of sustainable retail environments continues to grow.

We will never tire of calling for the necessary changes in our industry… true to our motto »Always Moving Forward«, we will continue to inspire our customers to join us on the path to a better and greener future.


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