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Expert Talk
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Expert Talk
In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, companies face the challenge of aligning their marketing strategies with these evolving demands. How can companies effectively communicate their sustainable values and still deliver effective marketing campaigns? Alexander Burger, Marketing Director of RECUP, shed light on this crucial issue.
Value Driven Retail
Expert Talk
Circular Retail as an approach and answer to the change towards conscious consumption. The retail experts at DFROST have therefore looked into the opportunities and solutions that a more sustainable retail orientation brings with it.
In Conversation with Schöffel
Expert Talk
Talking to Reiner Gerstner, Senior Vice President Marketing, we asked him what is most important to Schöffel in the area of Retail Marketing.
Expert Talk
Fifty-five percent of Germans live in rural areas. For around 45 million people here, the countryside is far more than just “nature” and “local recreation”. It is their home. It is where they live and work. Some have had their roots here for generations, others have newly settled here[...] What needs come along with new consumer mindsets and how can we reactivate these areas with new life?
In conversation with ON
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In our chat with Mario Stadelmann, Trade Marketing ON AG, he tells us what really matters to ON in the area of retail marketing in terms of following up on the brand’s existing success.
Making things happen
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Short communication channels and well-established production processes enable us to realize global series production in a cost-efficient manner. We are currently working intensively on sustainable alternatives.
The New Normal
Expert Talk
What is the future of retail and what will be the new normal? How will retail be able to become a safe place that still makes shopping a convenient and fun experience? We hope you enjoy our key-findings.
VR in the Design Process
Expert Talk
Virtual Reality is not only a trend for us, but has real relevance! We immerse ourselves virtually in the stores of tomorrow.

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