Let’s sit down AND TALK WITH SELAY

Selay, tells us a bit about your job as Project Manager Retail Marketing at DFROST:

As project manager, my primary task is to manage my clients and implement various projects and measures for the respective retail or brand presentation. My client management is holistic, from design to realisation.

Tasks in project business include exact planning, costing, directing and controlling the projects. I’m also the organisational “interface”, so to speak, between the client, design and production. Together, we implement a variety of retail marketing measures, such as pop-up stores and spaces, point of sale events, promotions, and communication tools like newsletters, mails, etc.

What’s your favourite project that you’ve implemented for a client?

My first project was, of course, very special for me. Back then, I took on the project Tommy Hilfiger x Zurich Film Festival 2017. Some further highlights are the pop-up space for Dr. Martens at Breuninger at the beginning of the year and the shop window in Berlin for the same brand.

What are some challenges in your job?

The biggest challenges lie in fulfilling client wishes exactly, understanding what clients want and advising them. Projects often have to be executed at very short notice. Keeping to deadlines and offering best-possible quality at the same time is a delicate balance. And we often have several projects simultaneously; managing them and keeping an eye on everything takes good organisational skills.

What do you look forward to most when you arrive at your office in the morning?

In the morning, I most look forward to making a coffee in the kitchen we share and having a little chat with my colleagues. I generally always enjoy seeing my colleagues.

Describe your job at DFROST in three words:

Communicating, directing and & managing

Who would be a dream client for you?

We realise such a variety of projects for so many clients, it’s really hard for me to name one dream client. Every client has the potential to make cool marketing campaigns that are fun to plan and implement.

But if my favourite brand Converse wanted a campaign for a new launch that would be a very exciting project. But more for nostalgic reasons and because the brand has a real history and has always been able to reinvent itself.

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