Let’s sit down AND TALK WITH KIM

Kim, What drives your creativity, what inspires you?

I find inspiration almost everywhere. I recharge my creative batteries when I’m doing handicrafts with my nieces as well as on various trips and exhibitions. For me, the most important thing is to stay curious and be open to always expanding your horizons.

What does your day-to-day work look like, which tasks do you take on as an art director?

My job is to translate the most diverse concepts into a creative language and to create a design and experience that is in line with the target group. Of course, depending on the client, target group and product, this is always something new – but it also keeps the day-to-day work exciting.

what makes working at DFROST so special and what has become indispensable?

The variety and diversity of the projects and of course the team!

what was your biggest challenge and how did you grow from it?

Timing! Timing! Timing! I’m still growing from it. 🙂

how do you see the future in the agency but also in your work as an art director?

I think that the industry – with Covid 19 as a further catalyst – is in a state of upheaval. The upcoming target groups have diverse demands on brands and experiences. Topics such as sustainability, inclusion, authenticity, etc. are – quite rightly – increasingly in focus. For us as an agency, and consequently for me as a designer, this poses the challenge of going new ways and questioning the old ones. The goal should always be to inspire and create a lasting identification with the brand!

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