Marisa, please briefly explain your job as Project Manager Retail Marketing at DFROST:

As a Project Manager, I function as the interface between design, production, and our clients. In this role, I work hand in hand with the design team and our network partners, such as suppliers and freelancers to help our clients create exceptional brand experiences.

What are the challenges in your job?

The job of a Project Manager Retail Marketing is challenging in every aspect. Not only does it demand a good sense of timing and budget, but it also calls for great responsibility. As a result, you must always be a step ahead of everyone and everything. Furthermore, a Project Manager must have a set of basic knowledge in various fields. This means not only having a good sense of aesthetics but also technical know-how and a deep understanding of the brand is essential. However, the biggest challenge is communication. Here, it is crucial to not only understand but represent each party equally. You become a mouthpiece, a specialist, a confidant, and an ever-ready supporter.

What do you look forward to most when you arrive at your office in the morning?

My colleagues and our regular morning chats.

Describe your job at DFROST in three words:

Refreshingly new, always.

Who would be a dream client for you?

A client filled with the courage to discover new opportunities without hesitation, who constantly thinks ahead and has the goal of creating corporately sustainable and extraordinary experiences.

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