Miri, you studied interior design, but now you work as a project manager – how did that come about?

Actually, I also applied for a creative position here but was then offered a job in project management. Since my study consisted mainly of creative work, I thought the organizational part would be a good addition. But I also feel I have found a good balance here at DFROST. I can contribute creatively to the project through quality checks and evaluations of the work.

Interesting and what are your main tasks as a project manager?

My main task is to keep all the project threads together. Both in terms of organization and communication. Among other things, I check that the quality of the work is maintained. I am also the first point of contact for customers, suppliers and colleagues, both internally and externally. Regarding communication, it is essential to me that everyone feels understood and heard.

What’s been the most exciting project you led & what made it so special for you?

That project was part of the MTV Music Awards, which was my first project here at DFROST. As a Generation Y kid, that was special for me and directly my first highlight. The great thing about the project was that it had a strong event character. But also the close cooperation with all kinds of people, both with the organizers and the people from MTV, was great; co-depending in a positive sense.

What makes a great job for you & what is most important to you about it?

For me, communication at eye level is definitely super necessary, both internally and externally. But I also want to feel that my work is valued. Small attentions are simply important, whether this is expressed verbally or through certain benefits, such as flexible working hours or home office options.

What do you appreciate about working at DFROST and is there anything that has become indispensable?

The big plus is teamwork; everyone pulls together on a project to achieve the best possible result. If you have any problem, everyone listens to you and supports you.

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