Let’s sit down AND TALK WITH SIMON

Simon, please briefly explain your job as Project Manager Retail Marketing at DFROST:

In my position as a Project Manager Retail Marketing, I am responsible for strategic customer care and communication. Among other things, customer development and consultation are central tasks. Furthermore, I am responsible for the holistic project planning including cost calculations, the coordination of internal and external interfaces and the final project controlling.

What are the challenges in your job?

You are consistently confronted with completely new challenges, which means that you constantly have to find new approaches to solve problems, and sometimes they are just a compromise. In addition, it happens more frequently that you have to react flexibly to situations, as there is partly little ability to plan.

What do you look forward to most when you arrive at your office in the morning?

My colleagues and the exchange with my clients.

Describe your job at DFROST in three words:

Organisation, communication, controlling.

Who would be a dream client for you?

A client with an infinite budget, who is open to completely new, revolutionary approaches and ideas, who is also totally grateful for the work done and recognises and rewards the “extra mile” gone.

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