Let’s sit down AND TALK WITH MARCO

Marco, please tell us a bit about your job as Senior Production Manager at DFROST:

Basically, my job involves coordinating design and production internally and production and the customer externally. I develop and produce POS elements for worldwide use in retail stores and shop windows.

During development and production, I advise clients on correct use of suitable materials and I work hand in hand with our producer network. I turn what design has created for our clients into reality. For me, success is when I have been able to perfectly implement what our clients imagined, 1:1 – when the visualisation on the computer and the store’s shop window are identical.

What made you want to work for DFROST?

A good friend and DFROST colleague was convinced I’d be a perfect match for DFROST and one of its job vacancies. After getting to know the company, it was clear that this is the place for me – that was 9 years ago!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The variety – every day is different. Sometimes I’m in assembly with carpenters in London, at the final print approval for our producer in Bratislava, or presenting prototypes to our clients – all over Europe.

On other days, I enjoy regular work with my team colleagues at our office in Stuttgart. We’re a diverse group and complement each other wonderfully.

What practical aspects are there to your job?

As production manager, I often build samples and prototypes to test whether individual parts are actually suitable for the intended purpose. But sometimes I also work outside of the company to assemble products myself on site.

What is the most unusual wish a customer has ever had and that you were able to implement?

There have been many, of course. But one I remember well was from a French fashion chain – for Christmas, they wanted a romantic starry sky in the shop window with realistic looking planets and illuminated Saturn rings. Together with our production partner, we transformed several shop windows in the cosmopolitan city of Paris into a mystical cosmos. Our client was so pleased with the result that it was displayed longer than planned.

What would you like to still achieve in your career?

I can well imagine being the team leader of my own task force. A department with colleagues with whom I can share and further develop my broad know-how. Because my job doesn’t represent a classic vocation or study subject but is more the result of my experience as a carpenter and manager, and my creativity, life experience, and thirst for knowledge.


What in your job is essential for you?



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