Fabienne, What drives your creativity, what inspires you?

The latest trends in design and other areas and the general change. That’s where I get the urge to try out new things. It’s also important to get inspiration from others and not compare yourself to others achievements. You just have to go for it and let things run wild. That’s how the best results come about.

What does your daily work routine look like at DFROST, what tasks do you take on as a graphic design intern?

I start the day by checking Float to see which tasks await me. Depending on the task, I’m briefed or I continue working on an open project from the previous day. In between, there are also meetings, because we usually work as a team. So there are presentations and talks about the topic and feedback. I work on client projects, mainly collecting designs and creating mood boards for shop windows and store designs. If it fits, then we start with the realization. I worked for clients like the fashion brands Replay and Esprit and the Swiss candy brand Ricola.

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What was the most exciting project you worked on at DFROST?

I would say it was the InStore setups for Esprit. We designed a shop window for the client and several InStore SetUps for several stores in Germany. Because that’s where I was really able to help a lot and got to see the whole concept from scratch to implementation.

What aspects of graphic design in the retail sector do you find most interesting?

In the retail sector, I find visual merchandising particularly interesting. How do you stage something in a room so that it appeals to the customer and arouses his interest in buying?

What new things did you learn at DFROST that you can take with you for your future career? What is your plan for after the internship?

On the one hand, the overall structure, how an agency is set up and works. Before that, I mostly implemented projects on my own. That’s how I learned how to work in a team and how to work properly too.
Especially in Photoshop I could improve my skills. In school it’s just different, you get project tasks and do random things and for a project you have to follow guidelines, so I used tools that I never used before.
I will apply to universities in Switzerland to start my studies. I would prefer to study Design Trends Identity at the Zurich University of Arts.

DFROST, office, agency, office life, agency vibes, design, dogs, window campaign, brand design, retail identity

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