NEUBAU EYEWEAR has become a well-known name in the eyewear industry. No one would guess that the progressive, contemporary label is a subsidiary of the traditional, conservative Silhouette brand.

With the credo »We are the sustainable avant-garde«, the NEUBAU EYEWEAR brand has curated a fantastic range of fashionable, stylish and contemporary eyewear. Each year, NEUBAU EYEWEAR launches at least one extraordinary eyewear tribute to an icon of design or lifestyle history. The portfolio includes unusual and avant-garde special editions reminiscent of Sigmund Freud, Walter Gropius and Wassily Kandinsky or diving pioneers Lotte & Hans Hass.

DFROST Retail Identity has been working with NEUBAU EYEWEAR since the very beginning and has developed brand experiences of various sizes and characteristics.

Today we are talking to Daniel Liktor, Former Managing Director of NEUBAU EYEWEAR. He is the creative mind behind the brand and has been involved in its development from the very beginning. Daniel, it’s great that you’re taking the time to talk to us. First of all we’d like to know what values and principles are most important to NEUBAU EYEWEAR in terms of brand, product development and company management?

The DNA of the brand is primarily shaped by our origins. As a brand that appeals to a modern, urban customer, Vienna’s Neubau district has been the inspiration for the direction of the brand and the design standards of our products. At the same time, our brand philosophy and the quality of our products, which are handmade using sustainable materials, are directly linked to our location in Linz. In this context, long-term and sustainable business management with our production site in Central Europe is very important to us and definitely takes precedence over making money quickly. This is reflected in our products, which are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured to the highest standards, and whose design language does not follow short-term trends, but offers a contemporary, independent design.

How much do you value design, especially when it comes to branded spaces?

Of course design plays a very important role. Naturally, its importance stems from the standards we apply to our product design. As a brand with very high design standards, we want the perfect stage for every single product. Neutral enough, yet elegant and aesthetically pleasing as a medium to showcase delicate products. It also has to be in the context of our brands value to convey an unmistakable message to the consumer. Brand values such as sustainability, quality and elegance are fundamental to our corporate identity and must always be reflected in our designs. However, it is also important that these values are visible not only in the design process, but also at the POS.


DFROST has been your partner for POS and brand experience for quite a long time. What makes this partnership special for you?

DFROST Retail Identity brings a unique blend of creativity, innovative thinking, extensive expertise and reliability to the partnership with NEUBAU EYEWEAR. DFROST is truly characterised by its willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy the customer. We have mastered so many projects together, from concept to on-site installation. Whether it was a display or the trade fair stand at Mido, the support was always there, right up to the last minute at the trade fair.

»Every single detail matters!« – until it is truly excellent.

In DFROST Retail Identity we have also found the perfect partner when it comes to sustainability.

We know that it is sometimes very difficult to source sustainable materials for our products. On the other hand, there is very little room for manoeuvre when it comes to the selling price in terms of the customer’s willingness to pay a significant premium for a sustainably produced product. We face similar challenges with POS materials and exhibition stands. Even if it is now frowned upon, at least in our field, to emphasise sustainability in communications, it is more than a good tone for brands with such a positioning to consider sustainability in everything they do and to act accordingly.

Based on the shared values of sustainability and creativity, we have a long-standing partnership with Brand Companions. In them, we have the perfect partner for the realisation of our mutual desire for a more sustainable and resource-saving POS display.

Daniel, thank you very much for sitting down and talking with us. We are very excited to see where we are going to go together and the great challenges that you and your team are going to present to us in the years to come. Once again, it’s all about the people! We would not have been able to achieve this success together without the honest and open dialogue, trust and commitment. Happy to be on your side – your Brand Companions.

»DFROST Retail Identity brings creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and a high level of expertise & reliability.«

Daniel Liktor, Former Managing Director of NEUBAU EYEWEAR



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