What Nike did in the global market with »Just Do It«, has been achieved by Schöffel in the German-speaking market with the claim »Ich bin raus.« (I’m out). Few brands have succeeded in implanting their message so deeply in customers’ minds. Schöffel stands for a rethink in the outdoor market – for an intense experience far removed from performance pressure and constant self-optimisation.

For this company – now being run by the seventh generation of the same family – the outdoor brand stands for tradition and lasting values, yet it is still an innovative brand with its finger on the pulse. What started more than 200 years ago with stockings, socks and nightcaps in the Bavarian town of Schwabmünchen, now represents a cross-generational attitude to life in the outdoor industry.

DFROST is assisting Schöffel as its lead agency for the Point of Sale – thanks to the persuasiveness of our all-encompassing approach, our feel for brands, and our passion for being part of the transformation and innovation of leading companies. As Brand Companions, we are at Schöffel’s side to offer practical help and advice with regard to a holistic, physical brand experience.

Talking to Reiner Gerstner, Senior Vice President Marketing, we asked him what is most important to Schöffel in the area of Retail Marketing:

»Firstly, it’s about transporting the brand’s inspiration, claim to innovation and excellence beyond the products themselves to the Point of Sale. We want to enable retailers to convey this excellence within the physical brand space. This is all geared to our vision of becoming THE love brand, and the Number One for outdoor, ski & bike.«

What added value is there for you in having an agency like DFROST as a partner for the Point of Sale?

»DFROST shares our standards of excellence in its experience of brands across all channels. Our partner designs and develops scalable concepts specially devised for the POS, so that the segments and capsules within the planned campaigns can be organised in terms of desirability so that we – as a logical consequence – can achieve the planned gains in market share and turnover. As an experienced specialist, DFROST combines design and retail competences with longstanding experience in development, project management, production and logistics. Above and beyond that, we share the same values, and we want to make that tangible for customers at the POS. »Spread LOVE for the brand and the involved experiences at POS« expresses our shared vision well. Both partners stand for commitment to high value, a straightforward approach and, most importantly, for the passion we inject into our shared projects.«

As a marketing professional, what do you foresee as the biggest Challenge in Schöffel’s physical brand space?

»To win customers’ hearts, in future the physical store will have to increasingly transform from Point of Sale to Point of Experience – with the logical result being increased sales. The challenge we face and the job we have to do is to curate the brand’s history and its values throughout the Customer Journey. Apart from smart execution, developing the visual brand excellence in a brave and visionary way is central for us. Naturally, it is also important to successfully complete our jointly-defined projects on time and within budget.«

We are absolutely convinced that the multisensory experience is essential for a brand’s success, and lends it credibility, individuality and relevance. Presenting it in the right way enables the encounter between brand and customer to become the most emotional of all touchpoints.


Reiner Gerstner explains why sustainability at the POS is part of Corporate Social Responsibility for the brand:

»Sustainability is embedded in the Schöffel brand’s long-term strategy as a hygiene factor. As such, sustainable execution, as well as the perception of the sustainability strategy from store to display window are essential for the customer as well as for the retailer and their employees. Sustainability is not a trend for us – it’s an attitude to life and a mindset.«

Authenticity and sincerity are more relevant in brand communication than ever before and will be the new currency for advertising. With our know-how, we are supporting the outdoor, ski and bike expert in consistently transporting their vision of sustainability and corporate responsibility into retail – from the choice of materials to execution to spatial appearance to presentation at the POS. We are fully behind the brand and its philosophy. Fighting for change in the retail industry is a matter close to our hearts. Together with our partners we are continuously pushing further development, accepting no compromises with regard to the look and price of materials.


At the outset of the partnership, DFROST’s retail experts created a bespoke display window concept for the outdoor brand which was recognised with the VMM sustainability label. The project sets a good example, and not only because of its use of eco-friendly materials. As reflected by its resource-conserving production, the campaign is also fully committed to the idea of sustainability, and the desire for greater eco-awareness in retail. The industry must change because green and sustainable solutions can demonstrably be implemented with no negative effects on aesthetic and design.

Portrait Reiner Gerstner

»Spread LOVE for the brand and the involved experiences at POS.«

Reiner Gerstner, Schöffel’s Senior Vice President Marketing


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