Let’s sit down AND TALK WITH SILKE

Silke, you’ve been working at DFROST almost longer than anyone else and you’ve contributed to so many creative processes, you’ve helped to develop the corporate identity, and you’ve significantly shaped the company.
How has your job changed in the past 10 years?

I started as a freelancer at DFROST after I was asked to create a pitch. That was 10 years ago… a lot has happened since then and I’ve become a permanent part of the team. Back then, DFROST consisted of the three founders Nadine, Christoph, and Fabian, and two employees; together with the freelancers, we shared a small office in a tiny space. Over time, the demands and disciplines have vastly changed.


At the beginning, I mostly had 2D projects and gradually moved through various design disciplines. The list is long: from classic campaigns, retail campaigns, store concepts, to events, fairs, shooting concepts, to different corporate designs. This includes the accessory design for our own DFROST leather accessory line with bags, leather tote bags, keyrings, and so on. The clients I work for are just as varied: from Swarovski, Dr. Martens, Genesis, Essence, Porsche Design, Babor, Omega and Breitling, to customers from the food retail market. I feel that graphic design is incredibly diverse today and, here at DFROST as well, the classic division between the disciplines is disappearing. Design can no longer be reduced to one sub-area.



Please briefly explain what your position as Creative Director at DFROST involves:

I and one other creative director are responsible for everything creative that carries the name DFROST. My task is to direct the entire creative process and to shape the concepts. This applies to both internal and client projects. At the same time, a creative director needs to be able to align concepts and design with actual implementation, production and the budget. That’s why I work closely together with our account managers. I also coordinate our creative design team and motivate them to always give their best and fulfil the highest demands on design. Then there are organisational subjects like resource planning and the development of creative processes.

What keeps you motivated?

I would say curiosity and passion. Being curious about new challenges, sensing the zeitgeist, keeping up with the latest trends, and having a passion for continuously developing yourself and your skills. I find it exciting to always take one step further than before. Usually, this courage is rewarded and projects result that surprise and delight clients and yourself.



What would you consider a failure and what did you learn from it?

My very first trade fair project did not go well. For that project, I was to formulate the central theme and create a look. But as I didn’t have any experience whatsoever with spatial projects at the time, I had to let someone else take over after this step. It may not have been an ideal project process but it did teach me how important good teamwork is. And how important it is to stand up for your ideas and to defend them, even when you’re a newbie.

In general, I find it important to be able to make mistakes and to grow through the experience. To reach a good idea and results, you need the freedom to be able to think in different directions and to also test them out. Perfection and routine are not a good basis for ideas; that’s how you always end up with cookie-cutter solutions.

What do you love most about your work?

The spirit and the teamwork! I love working in a well-functioning team, projects with lots of variety, and happy clients!

Although it’s often stressful, I love taking part in the competitions. I would say the most fun thing is winning a pitch. Anyone who disagrees must not have won one yet.

Who would be your dream client?

Any client who wants to get a step better. Actually, the most exciting project is always the next one.

Which graphic artists / designers inspire you?

There’s inspiration everywhere…. and I find it in the beautiful things in life, everyday things I observe, the music scene, fashion, culture, art, etc…. from all over the world… I travel and get around a lot. Often you just need to take a good look and be open to new things.

Thank you for the interview. Here’s to 10 more years at DFROST.



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